Paul Reid: Study for Apollo and Pan, 2002.

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Rockwell Kent: Forest Pool, 1927.

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Valdimir Kireev: Against the current, 2013.

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August Ramsthal “Father Nile” 1878 lithograph


Herbert List - Torso of Ophelius Ferus, Cyclades, Island of Delos, 1936-1937

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Charles Nègre (1820-1880) photographer  Statue of Spartacus (by Denis Foyatier 1783 – 1863) Tuileries Gardens  Paris 1859  Albumen silver print from a wet-collodion glass negative


Max Brückner, from his book Vielecke und Vielfläche, 1900. Leipzig, Germany. Via Bulatov.

Brückner extended the stellation theory beyond regular forms, and identified ten stellations of the icosahedron, including the complete stellation. wiki

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Paul Roche in the garden (c.1960s) – Duncan Grant (1885–1978)

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from  Library of World Literature for Children

N.I. Maltsev, Russian illustrator

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